Welcome to the nativeswt home page!

Hello! Unfortunately this project is stopped. The main reasons are:

- Simply porting the SWT Java code to C++ doesn't get advantage of the full C++ power;
- It is a lot of work for just one person.

Right now I'm starting some work on a brand new small toolkit, called lightforms.

If you want more information, please contact me through the email cesarmello@users.sourceforge.net or ICQ 2009322. I'll be glad to hear suggestions.

About the code in the CVS:There is some C++ code for the Win32 version in the CVS. But, the code available is just a skeleton and does nothing more than showing a window. It is buggy, has (expected :-) memory leaks, and was done with the only objective of bringing an initial design for the port, and seeing it compiling. I really don't think it is useful for any other purpose.

Thank you a lot for the attention!

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